Thursday, June 2, 2011

Resilience has taught my kids respect and diversity.

What a bitter sweetness.  My baby is no longer a 1st grader.  I will have no more first graders ever!  While this makes me teary eyed, I also feel like a bit of a vet compared to all the mom's in Monkey's class........

I admit I was teared up, but for me it wasn't because my son had bonded with all the kids in his class and  I was gonna miss the memories they had created.  It was because this was my last time to have a first grader.   And a bit because of guilt that I didn't know the kids in the photos and because my child had been to three states and three classes this year alone.   

Kids are so resilient.  I know I tried to make sure they adapted well to the moves we made.  I just sometimes wish I could do it all over.  I regret that my kids ever had to be so resilient.  I try to compare their lives to mine.  I moved from Corpus Christi in Kindergarten and started 1st grade in  Arlington and went to South Davis for 6 weeks, then Wimbish for the rest of 1st grade and all of 2nd grade before moving yet again to St. Maria Goretti and I turned out ok.  Right?  My Father moved all over the country, Missouri, Georgia, Alabama.   Some kids live in military families and move every 2 years......... Most turn out ok Right?

More than anything, I hope all my boys have great memories.   I  know it has been hard for N being in the 7th grade but he made the basketball team in NY and has good friends here now too.  And the most amazing is my quiet M is learning how to adapt and speak.  He is such a boy's boy.  He has come out of his shell so much this year.   Monkey is such a charmer he has people eating out of his hand where ever he goes.   I hope these are truth's and not just excuses I am using to make myself feel better.

I am happy my boys have lived more than one place.  I am happy they experienced CT and NY and aren't afraid of the changes that come with moving.  They know the stereo types that people across the country have and they know they are not true.  Stereo types like, "All Texans carry guns and ride horses," or "All New Yorkers are rude." (We will blog about those stereo types later.)  They also are not afraid of taking the train or other forms of Mass Transportation.  New York City is a place they have experienced more than once or twice.  We have been enough that they recognize street blocks when they see NYC on TV.  My boys know diversity needs to be accepted and that just because people don't do things just like we do, doesn't make them weird or wrong.  They understand Jewish people, Catholics, Blacks, Asians, Whites, Protestants and even Muslims can all co-exist happily and are respectful of those differences.

N has told me several times when he goes to college he wants to go back North because he has less allergies there.  :)  This makes me happy.  I  hope they all remember all the wonderful times we have in our lives so far.  

I hope the decisions I have made will help these boys grow up to be respectful, educated, diverse young men and adults. Men that are not afraid to change.  Men that understand that diversity is a good thing.  Men that respect difference and can see that knowledge is power and lack of knowledge leads to hate.   

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